Secure payment


Payments and refunds will be invoiced in Euro (EUR).

Payment by credit or debit card

Select "card" under the heading "payment" when you finalize your order.

A commission and banking service charges may be billed at the customer's expense. If the latter's bank applies transaction fees, Blu & Berry will not reimburse them.

We accept the following credit or debit cards:

Please enter your card details on our payment site. All transactions on Blu & Berry are carried out on a secure server. The data that you communicate to us during your payment are protected and encrypted by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

The amount of your order will be held on your card until your order has been shipped (at that point the amount will be debited) or canceled (at that point the amount will be released).

Payment by Visa or Mastercard

Our system checks whether the card participates in the 3-D Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode security programs. These programs have been specially developed for Visa and Mastercard transactions to ensure that a transaction is completed by the legal holder of the credit card and the authorized online merchant.
When a credit card has been registered in the 3D-Secure system, the payment procedure is accompanied by a dialogue window. This requires entering a SecureCode (a password previously defined by you). A transaction can only be performed if the entered password is correct.

If your credit card has not been registered in one of the 3D-Secure systems, payment will be made without additional authentication. Please click on the following links for more information on credit card security systems:

Payment by American Express

The system checks whether the delivery address matches the billing address previously sent to American Express (Amex Address Verification System, abbrev. "AVS") If the addresses are not identical, an e-mail will be sent to you. sent.

Valid for all payments by credit card: In the event of an order return, the amount we refund to you will always be transferred to the account of the card you paid with.

Applepay payment

Please click “Applepay” during the “payment method” step of your order.

Apple Pay is Apple's bank payment system, which allows you to save the credit card provided by your regular bank in your iPhone and Apple Watch and make secure contactless payments. This technology is compatible from iPhone 6. Once a bank card is registered on your Applepay account, you will need to validate with your fingerprint via Touch ID or Face ID in order to secure the transaction to make your payment.

Payment by Gift Card / Privilege Code

When ordering, on the "Basket" page, enter your Gift Card code / privilege code in the field provided for this purpose. If the amount of the order is greater than the value of the Gift Card code / privilege code, choose a payment method to pay the remaining amount. If the value of the Gift Card code / privilege code is greater than the amount of the order, you will be able to use the same code for your next orders until the amount of the Gift Card / privilege code is exhausted .

Blu & Berry reserves the right to block the GiftCard or Privilege Code in the event of abuse.

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